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BlackBerry - secure smartphones for safe communication

BlackBerry technologies, particularly smartphones, are generally intended for businesslike people who know how to make money, bear responsibility and dispose of their time. These are the business elite, entrepreneurs, businessmen, bank executives, financial executives, legal experts, lawyers - people with a better idea of the importance of proper organization, responsibility, security and confidentiality.

Primarily, the BlackBerry smartphones are about text - lots of text, not voice, not photos, but text. This implies that you will be using secure e-mail, a secure messenger and secure data (document & file) transfer as the primary means of communication. Apart from that, BlackBerry is a business organizer, easy and convenient to use every day. A seemingly simple system, this offers a wealth of convenient functions that are difficult to live without.

BlackBerry helps you develop a serious attitude towards document exchange, storage and transfer of information. Phrases like "OK, you will receive it all in a letter" or "Got that, but I'd rather you send me an e-mail" are bound to become an integral part of your life as soon as you realize the benefits of this working method in terms of productivity. You are going to adopt a completely new idea of the "values" of SMS texting and will undoubtedly rely more on secure e-mail and secure messengers.

BlackBerry is by no means a way of entertainment. BlackBerry is a serious tool for secure communication and safe business management on a daily basis from anywhere in the world, regardless of your current location

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BlackBerry smartphones Price Detailed data
BlackBerry Z30 (Touchscreen) EUR 370.00 Please follow this link
BlackBerry Leap (Touchscreen) EUR 320.00 Please follow this link
BlackBerry Classic (Qwerty keyboard + touchscreen) EUR 430.00 Please follow this link
BlackBerry Passport (Qwerty keyboard + touchscreen) EUR 650.00 Please follow this link


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