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One of the key principles that a modern businessman has to adhere to is that any highly-sensitive data must be preserved against disclosure to foreign persons and any leak thereof must be treated most seriously. The concept of sensitive data may refer to commercial, economic, personal or any other information regarded to as confidential / private. The boundaries for the concept of sensitive data are usually defined individually by the respective person, group of persons, company or organization.

The structure of INFOBANK includes companies dedicated to ensuring that the primary business operations of our Customers run safely and uninterruptedly. Having accomplished a technologically innovative breakthrough, we are now able to offer our Customers a unique, one-and-only, the most up-to-date and secure solution package for protecting mobile phone conversations and transferring data over mobile networks.

  • The following aspects are worth being considered by any business owner, manager or corporate security officer:

Regardless of the locations of our Customers, INFOBANK makes sure they have access to full-fledged mobile communications with no risk of electronic eavesdropping, conversation recording, unauthorized viewing and storage of SMS, third-party access to private or corporate e-mail, address book, events and records in the calendar, as well as unauthorized access and other actions that may be regarded to as personal, commercial or electronic espionage.

How does the technology ensure the privacy of conversations and data transfer?

The latest generation BlackBerry phones get fitted with a special "Protected crypto-SD card" (a microcomputer, essentially), which ensures speech and message encryption. Encrypted information (voice or text) is transferred covertly using standard mobile data transfer channels and gets decrypted in your interlocutor's phone. Two phones supporting the encryption mode are connected through a secure communication channel, which is protected against intrusion at all sections and nodes, including cell towers, the central switching facility and the air. The service is compatible with any domestic mobile network as well as with inter operator and international roaming.

What kind of phones is required for ensuring secure | confidential communications?

The secure | confidential mobile communication service is only available for INFOBANK's customers who use latest generation BlackBerry phones equipped with a "Protected crypto-SD card".

Secusmart Security Card - a "Protected crypto-SD card"

Secusmart Security Card: the "Protected crypto-SD card" is a unique crypto-technical complex that provides top-level encryption for transferring voice mail, text messages, e-mail and other data, ensuring utmost security in a real-time environment.

Secusmart Security Card: the "Protected crypto-SD card" is a miniature computer (about 1 cm2 in size) integrated into a special micro-SD card and built using the NXP SmartMX P5CT072 technology with a crypto-controller and a PKI processor for authentication, certified at the EAL 5+ level. An additional high-speed processor ensures reliable encryption of your voice and data using the 128-bit AES encryption method. At the moment, the AES standard is considered to be the most secure and efficient algorithm for symmetric data & voice encryption.

Secusmart Security Card: the "Protected crypto-SD card" contains 340 sextillion unique encryption keys (codes). According to independent analysts, decrypting this technology or hacking the encoding system would take about +149 000 000 000 years to accomplish.

Equipment | ServicePriceSupport (annually)
Secusmart Security Card | a "Protected crypto-SD card" EUR 3'000.00 EUR 500.00
Connection | Setup | Consulting Free Free

BlackBerry | SecuSmart - The world's topmost level of mobile security

  • The products, technologies and solutions we offer along with the BlackBerry phones are approved for use by NATO and used to maintain secret limited-access communications;
  • BlackBerry products have been awarded over 70 different certificates in the realm of security, which is more than any other mobile technology provider in existence ever had;
  • The world's Top 5 oil and gas corporations rely on BlackBerry for communication;
  • The world's Top 10 legal service providers use BlackBerry;
  • Government officials in all G7 countries use BlackBerry products on a daily basis.
  • Sixteen of the twenty G20 countries have their representatives use BlackBerry;
  • BlackBerry is an item of everyday use for the Federal Government of Germany, including the Chancellor;
  • Thanks to the synergistic benefits resulting from exceptional communication channel security along with the encrypted voice and data transmission technology, our technologies, products and solutions are unmatched globally and completely secure against covert intervention by third parties;

Choose your BlackBerry

BlackBerry smartphones Price Detailed data
BlackBerry Z30 (Touchscreen) EUR 370.00 Please follow this link
BlackBerry Leap (Touchscreen) EUR 320.00 Please follow this link
BlackBerry Classic (Qwerty keyboard + touchscreen) EUR 430.00 Please follow this link
BlackBerry Passport (Qwerty keyboard + touchscreen) EUR 650.00 Please follow this link


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