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Secure mobile communication for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows

One of the key principles that a modern businessman has to adhere to is that any highly-sensitive data must be preserved against disclosure to foreign persons and any leak thereof must be treated most seriously. The concept of sensitive data may refer to commercial, economic, personal or any other information regarded to as confidential / private. The boundaries for the concept of sensitive data are usually defined individually by the respective person, group of persons, company or organization.

The structure of INFOBANK includes companies dedicated to ensuring that the primary business operations of our Customers run safely and uninterruptedly. INFOBANK offers its customers a unique, reliable, state-of-the-art mobile communication and mobile data exchange security system - SILENTEL..

  • The following aspects are worth being considered by any business owner, manager or corporate security officer:

Regardless of the locations of our Customers, INFOBANK makes sure they have access to full-fledged mobile communications with no risk of electronic eavesdropping, conversation recording, unauthorized viewing and storage of SMS, third-party access to private or corporate information or unauthorized access and other actions that may be regarded to as personal, commercial or electronic espionage.


  • Silentel is a unique crypto-technical complex that provides top-level encryption for transferring voice mail, text messages, files and other data, ensuring utmost security in a real-time environment;
  • Silentel is a formidable tool for any user seeking protection of voice calls, SMS, chat messages and a safe way to transfer personal data, confidential documents, photos and files;
  • Silentel is comprised of client applications and server modules. Client applications are installed on mobile phones, whereas serv3er modules handle authorization and connections between users;
  • Silentel meets the NATO standard security requirements and is certified by a number of government security agencies as a product | solution recommended for maintaining secure mobile communications;
  • Silentel is authorized for use in NATO structures and is used as a means to maintain secret communications with limited access level;

How does the technology ensure the privacy of conversations and data transfer?

SILENTEL, a unique crypto-technical software package ensuring speech and message encryption, can be installed on phones under iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows. Encrypted information (voice, text or a file) is transferred covertly using standard mobile data transfer channels and gets decrypted in your interlocutor's phone. A unique encrypted communication channel is established between two phones, secured against any interference at every section, including cell towers, the central commutation unit and airwaves. The service works in any domestic mobile network and in roaming networks between operators and international roaming networks.

Which phones are required for ensuring secure mobile communications?

Secure mobile communications can be used with any phone under iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows.

Equipment | Service Price
Licence for client connection to the secure INFOBANK | SILENTEL server EUR 50.00 (one-time payment)
Secure voice communication EUR 300.00 (annually)
Secure chat EUR 200.00 (annually)
Secure SMS messaging EUR 200.00 (annually)
Secure SMS and file transmission EUR 300.00 (annually)
Enterprise solution - integration of SILENTEL into the customer's infrastructure EUR 10 000.00 (one-time payment)
Enterprise solution - connection | configuration | consulting Free


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