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Customer access to the Infobank. Means of authentication

Regardless of the magnitude of business operated by our Customers, security and access (authentication) to personal and corporate data is one of the crucial aspects of running a business in the setting of aggressive market economy.

  • Authentication. Summary

Nowadays, the business world shows sustained migration of tangible assets towards the intangible ones. This means that the growth and development of any business is accompanied by an increase in the scale and complexity of its data and record infrastructure, which is primarily required to ensure uninterrupted access to private and corporate information and protect that from any possible breakdowns, leaks and malevolent actions by third parties.

Security of the Customer's connection to Infobank is maintained by means of:

  • Encrypted RDP connection;
  • An individual, non-personalized login and password;
  • An individually generated certificate (the so-called electronic fingerprint);
  • Encrypted VPN connection (at the software or hardware level – at the Customer's option);
  • A confidential list of IP addresses that the resource can only be accessed from (agreed in advance between the Customer and Infobank);
  • Connection and authorization using a smart card (similar to the digipass system employed by banks) or any other two-factor authentication device;


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