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Back-up and data storage

Back-up and data storage is a set of procedures for creating and storing copies of a Customer's data (a website, e-mail, a database or any private or corporate information) on an independent and, preferably, geographically remote carrier (a dedicated fault-tolerant server or data array).

Using the back-up and data storage services, a Customer can always use the backup copy to restore the lost data and have those installed into a new environment (version) in case of a force majeure circumstance (damage or loss of current data) affecting the Customer or the hosting platform.

The back-up and data storage services offered by Infobank to its Customers are based on the rent of high-speed disk environment at a dedicated fault-tolerant server or a disk array located within a geographically expanded network of private club-level data centres available for you to choose from – in the Kingdom of Denmark, Latvia, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;

Service / disk space50 GB100 GB250 GB500 GB
Installation and connection Free Free Free Free
Monthly fee EUR 25.00 EUR 45.00 EUR 100.00 EUR 170.00

Additional services

Server administration (outcall)      EUR 35.00 an hour
Server administration (monthly subscription)      EUR 70.00 a month
Service monitoring (notification by e-mail)      EUR 10.00 a month
Service monitoring (notification by e-mail and SMS)      EUR 15.00 a month
Dedicated resource array (Enterprise Solutions), including hardware and software; Upon request
Disaster Recovery Plan infrastructure, including office premises up to 1000 m2 in area. Upon request


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