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Secure Business Mail Server & Collaboration Solution

An IceWarp mailing (communication) server is a completely secure solution ensuring secure communication of different kinds between users (Customers) on a round-the-clock basis in any part of the world and provides a solution for the organization of collaborative workflow for businesses of any size.

Our primary Customer audience is comprised of corporate Customers (legal entities) who emphasize the work with e-mail and electronic document flow in the course of their business. All messages and any documents attached thereto are encrypted automatically and can only be accessed by the Customer itself – neither the system administrator, nor any other Infobank representative shall have the access to the Customer's mail and the content thereof.

Fundamental functionality

  • Powerful Messaging Server designed to meet all your business needs;
  • Instant messaging. SMS-client. VoIP/SIP-client. Video calls, online conferences, screen sharing;
  • Convenient and intuitive user interface. Notifications supported. Multi-window capability;
  • HTTP / HTTPS / SMTP / IMAP / POP3 / WEB protocols with access from any browser, any device, including tablets and cell phones;
  • Creating messages (with the Drag & Drop function), events, notes or documents with a single click, wherever you would be;
  • The popular SmartAttach function (similar to Dropbox and Google Docs) lets you send files up to 2 GB in size by replacing these with a link in the body of a message that the recipient can use to download the file from your server. An attachment (document) can also be removed after it has been sent, which is useful when dealing with confidential or especially sensitive data;
  • A built-in Group data server for working with personal and public folders, documents, calendars (including scheduling), a centralized address book accessible from a computer or any mobile gadget;
  • Document versioning. Microsoft Office support – opening and saving your documents online. Integration with Weather Underground and Google Maps;

High security level

A wealth of experience that our data safety experts possess and the cutting-edge technologies employed by the IceWarp communication platform ensure complicated multi-level security for an individual user and the entire company alike. Hybrid anti-spam system and advanced antivirus protection block various threats while the hacking & penetration prevention system stops any malicious software or unwanted third-party actions in real-time mode.

  • Security is ensured by means of the following instruments

Solutions for the corporate sector

Protected technology ensuring instant messaging along with video calls (one on one), audio conferences in any browser supporting WebRTC with no need for any additional equipment or settings. Complex VoIP solution supporting encrypted communication along with an integrated SMS communication mechanism make IceWarp an ideal tool for maintaining economic operations and business communications.

  • Ideal business communications

Mobile operation. Application synchronization.

Wherever you would be, our state-of-the-art system for communication server synchronization with mobile devices through an individual encrypted tunnel is going to ensure continuous automatic data exchange with your mobile gadget. You will have access to all vital personal, corporate and public information (including folders, address book, etc.)

  • Capability description

Sending / receiving SMS---

Installation fee Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Maximum number of e-mail addresses 5 Not limited Not limited Not limited
Disk space per one e-mail address 1 GB 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB
No banner ads
Compatibility with mail programs
Mail encryption (SSL)
Data encryption (cryptography)
Security systems: antivirus / anti-spam
Daily backup
Audio / video calls - - -
Instant messaging. Corporate chat - - -
Online conference. screen sharing On request On request On request On request
Web Hosting Control Panel    
Web site management ISP config ISP config ISP config ISP config
Communications server management - IceWarp server IceWarp server IceWarp server
Monthly charge for one e-mail address EUR 1.00 EUR 1.50 EUR 4.50 EUR 5.00
Monthly web site hosting fee EUR 3.50 EUR 5.00 EUR 7.50 EUR 7.50
Cost of additional disk space EUR 0.50 за 1 GB EUR 0.50 за 1 GB EUR 0.50 за 1 GB EUR 0.50 за 1 GB


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