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Infobank is a network of club-level data centres in Scandinavia and Europe

The network of club-level data centres united by the Infobank brand is a set of up-to-date high-tech fault tolerant platforms combining cutting-edge technologies with individual approach and special attention to every Customer.

Our primary product is the provision of the most advanced and highly secure mobile information solutions for private and corporate Customers, enabling round-the-clock operation from anywhere in the world.

The target audience using our products and services is comprised of business Customers (with 90% being legal entities) representing small and medium enterprises, mostly located in Scandinavia, Europe, the Baltic States, Russia and the CIS countries.

Infobank. Summary

  • Territorial presence 1 (headquarters, data centre #1) – London, United Kingdom, the European Union;
  • Territorial presence 2 (operational office, data centre #2 and #3) – Riga, Latvia, the European Union;
  • Territorial presence 3 (representative office) – Moscow, Russian Federation;
  • The data centre is certified to ISO 27001:2005 – the highest internationally recognized standard in data safety management and corporate and personal data protection;
  • Round-the-clock physical security using monitoring and video surveillance systems, personal identification and protection against unauthorized access;
  • Optimum environment and conditions required for sensitive equipment and communication hubs in order to function properly;
  • Multistage power supply system, backup power supply lines, volumetric UPS and external diesel generators;
  • High-speed optical Internet connection (total bandwidth over 10 Gbit) with backup communication channels ensuring fast website loading and access to resources from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night;
  • Up-to-date switch units and routers ensuring fast and secure data transmission;
  • Availability of cryptographic, authentication and authorization systems and data access control systems ensures a high corporate data security level;
  • Stable, backed up (N+1 redundancy) and uninterrupted performance of any equipment, systems and configuration systems;
  • Fully qualified personnel ensuring monitoring and technical support & advisory services. 80% of our staff consists of engineering experts with no less than 7 years of experience;
  • Communication languages – English, Russian, Latvian, Ukrainian;

Mission and objectives

Mission - Development of a geographically extensive network of club-level data centres united under the Infobank brand for the purpose of providing the most advanced solutions in the realm of information and communication technologies aimed at the improvement of the primary business of our Customers in terms of security and fault tolerance.

Objectives - to ensure fast and secure customer access to private and corporate information from anywhere in the world, 24/7

Team and professional qualification

Our team is a strong-knit group of highly skilled experts with a wealth of work experience in technology, banking and communications and profound knowledge in the realm of IT and software engineering. The average age of our experts is 35 years.

We pay great attention to the matters of development, training and certification, maintaining continuous improvement of the expertise and qualification of our personnel. Each employee working in the industry of IT, network administration and data safety has no less than 8 years of professional qualification.

Infobank offers the following products and services

  • Virtual workplaces (VDI/RDS/RDP). Remote office, remote desktop;
  • Virtual and physical servers (VPS/VDS/Dedicated). Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and other platforms;
  • Ready-made solutions (preconfigured servers and systems). File server, web server, etc.;
  • Classic hosting. Website hosting, e-mail services, cloud-based FTP file vault;
  • Server and communication equipment accommodation. Rent of cabinet space and entire cabinets;

Additional services

  • Data backup using a network of dedicated platforms;
  • Customer resource administration by our experts (e.g., servers, systems & hardware);
  • Equipment colocation at a dedicated platform (separate premises) or a private hosting platform (Private Dedicated Area);
  • Rent of ready-made infrastructure for DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) procedures, including separate office premises of 15 to 1000 m2 in area;


For consulting on any products and services you might be interested in and regarding any questions pertaining to the execution of contracts, please call (+371) 25 411 282, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , complete the feedback form or use the "Order a service"button.

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