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Remote office / Remote desktop

The The remote office / remote desktop service service (hereinafter - the "cloud") offers its user a unique opportunity to work remotely on a resource (server) known only to himself (or a group of authorized users) and containing a full package of office applications (e.g. Word, Excel, etc.) or special software.

Functionality of the "cloud" grants a Customer access to its data resources from anywhere in the world using any computer or a mobile device. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.

Our primary audience consists of corporate Customers (legal entities) emphasizing the importance of security and integrity of private and corporate information, 100% fault tolerance and round-the-clock business continuity.

Connection to the server infrastructure is encrypted at the software and hardware level, and the Customer's data can only be accessed by the Customer itself – neither the system administrator, nor any other Infobank representative shall have the access to the Customer's data files and the content thereof.

Fundamental functionality

  • You may access your personal data or corporate information from any computer, tablet or phone, provided that an Internet connection is available;
  • Data can be accessed 24 by 7;
  • Territorial location of the server infrastructure – proprietary data centres and the leading European data centres;
  • Exceptional security (encryption) of communication channels and fault tolerance of all systems;
  • The service allows working with standard office and accounting programs or the installation of special software;
  • Using a free operating system at your office computer relieves you from the need to acquire software licences;
  • In case of an emergency, access to the "cloud" may be blocked instantly. Access to the resources can then be unlocked using a procedure that prevents any unauthorized ingress by third parties;

High security level

Thanks to the vast experience of our system administrators and data security experts, cutting-edge data transmission technologies and fault tolerant backup data storage systems, our Customers can work safely with any private and corporate data, not having to worry about the security or integrity thereof.

  • The Customer's data are accesses safely by means of the following measures:

Installation fee Free Free Free
Remote Windows desktop
Disk space for a single user 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Cost of additional disk space EUR 0.50 for 1 GB EUR 0.50 for 1 GB EUR 0.50 for 1 GB
Shared file resources for user groups
OpenOffice application package
Microsoft Office application package -
Highly encrypted connection (VPN) -
Authorization with a smart card (similar to the digipass system employed by banks) - -
Monthly fee per user EUR 25.00 EUR 36.00  EUR 45.00
One-time payment for the smart card (similar to the digipass system employed by banks) - EUR 50.00


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